If you have a flat commercial roof on your property, such as one on an office or warehouse, you know this type of roof can be costly to repair and replace. But don't worry! Our Woodbridge Roofing Company is here to offer properties with flat roofs the best solution for their needs. NorthCan Roofing has been a reputable roofing company in Woodbridge for years, and we want to help you with your flat roof needs.

The flat roofing style is much more affordable to install when compared with the standard rooftop for a home or office building. Although flat roofs are economical and not always easy to repair because of their complex structure, our expert roofer will be able to assess your commercial building's roof, perform an inspection, and then suggest solutions for any disruptions or damages.

What Repairs Can You Expect From a Woodbridge Roofing Company?

1. Exposed and Missing Roof Tiles

Flat roofing is not for shy people, as the design requires that you expose more of the roof structure than with a rooftop. If your roof tiles are missing or have fallen off, this could be a serious problem, especially for tenants and businesses. Our Woodbridge Roofing Company specialist will check the entire structure of your flat roof to ensure it is in good condition and that there are no leaks, subsequently planning repairs.

2. Cracked or Broken Roof Tiles

There is one simple way to know if your roof needs repairs – check the condition of the roof tiles. Roof tiles can crack or break independently but can also be damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Our team will identify and replace the damaged roof tile with a brand new one; a full re-roofing job could be necessary.

3. Cracks in the Insulation

Insulation is another important part of a flat roof, which reduces heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. If there are cracks in the insulation, it could mean that your flat roof will not be as efficient, thus increasing heating and cooling costs for your office or business. Flat roofing Brampton experts will also install new insulation as needed to help lower energy bills.

4. Condensation

Another problem that can occur with flat roofing is condensation. If you have moisture buildup in certain areas of your roof, it could cause damage to the insulation and tiles. It could also mean mold will grow inside the building, which is unhealthy for employees or customers. Our professional roofer will help find the condensation source and then fix it accordingly.

5. Leaks

Another problem our roofing company identifies is leaks. If you have ceiling leaks, concrete stains, or other water damage on your flat roof, it could mean the roof is not properly sealed. Our professional roofer will inspect your roof for moisture and repair any damaged areas as needed.

Hail storms can also damage some flat roofs. Woodbridge Roofing Company can help you with these types of repairs, too.

6. Holes in the Membrane Surface

The greatest weakness of flat roofs is their high profile, which makes them susceptible to any damage caused by sharp objects such as nails and tree branches. Any punctures in your flat roof's protective membrane can lead to severe water damage and mold growth. If a hole is found, our Woodbridge Roofing Company will patch it up and apply quick-drying materials. We usually advise that after the roof is repaired, customers should install a railing to prevent future accidents.

7. Fungus

Even though flat roofs in Toronto are seen as a semi-permanent option, that does not mean they should be neglected. Also, a flat roof may be exposed to more damage than a traditional rooftop. Expert Roofing Company can help you protect your flat roof from mold and mildew. We offer the best quality solutions for your flat roof needs.

8. Leaks in the Plumbing

Flat roofing and warehouses are naturally incompatible; warehouses need a lot of space for storing things, but with flat roofs, there is not much room to do so. Since flat roofs in Toronto have a higher angle than traditional rooftops, you can install more plumbing pipes. However, if there is leakage from the plumbing pipes and you ignore it, it could cause problems like freezing during winter or water leaks.


We at North Can Roofing are here to help you with any flat roofing Brampton problems. Our roofers in Woodbridge have years of experience and can perform complete re-roofing jobs quickly, efficiently and safely.

Regardless of the type of flat roof, our professional roofer will repair or replace missing, damaged or broken tiles or slates. You can access your wearhouse much better after replacing your old flat roof with a new one. We also offer solutions to water leaks and holes in the membrane of your flat roof. To know more, call today at 416-456-0777.